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Detailed information can be found on the website of the Curriculum Geomatics Engineering and Planning

Courses in Autumn Semester

Number Unit Lecturer
103-0237-00L GIS III  M. Raubal
103-0258-00L Interoperability of GIS  M. Krummenacher
103-0298-02L Interdisciplinary Project 
103-0778-00L GIS and Geoinformatics Lab  M. Raubal
103-0817-00L Geomatics Seminar  M. Rothacher,
K. W. Axhausen,
A. Geiger,
A. Grêt-Regamey,
L. Hurni,
M. Raubal,
B. Scholl,
U. A. Weidmann,
A. Wieser

Courses in Spring Semester

Number Unit Lecturer
103-0009-00L Master's Thesis 
103-0247-00L Mobile GIS and Location-Based Services  P. Kiefer
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